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Are you ready to make a job change? Just wondering what is new, what is out there? Whether you are working now or not, we may be able to help you. The process begins when you send in your resume.
Our clients want to receive resumes as Word document files. For that reason, please always send your resume, attached to your email message, as a Word document. If you do not own Microsoft software, send it as an attachment, using the file type your word processing software supports. We can usually convert non-Word files.
If you could provide additional information about salary requirements, why you are looking for a job, and your location preferences, we can get to work on your situation right away.
Image Associates works with equal opportunity employers.
Privacy Policy
Information you provide, including email address, telephone number, address, salary, location preferences, etc. is used solely for the purpose of helping you find a job. Under no circumstances will anyone contact your current employer.

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Please send your resume as an attached Word file. Please include a job title you want in the Subject of your email.


Image Associates Inc., 5254 Merrick Road, Massapequa, NY 11758. Phone (516)798-3993.

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